Local Services & Resources


We can’t do it all! We all need help sometimes. The sooner we start asking for it and accepting it – as humbling and difficult as it may be – the more balanced our life as a parent will be. Here in HRM, we are lucky to have a vibrant community of people and services to help and guide you on your journey. Take a peek at some of my favourites!


Pregnancy & Birth

Spinning Babies: Excellent online resource for helping you achieve an easier birth with Optimal Fetal Positioning techniques.

Evidence Based Birth: A great online reference for pregnancy, birth and postpartum related evidence-based information.



La Leche League: Peer-to-peer breastfeeding support. LLL hosts monthly support meetings and provide email, telephone and in-person support. Check out the website for upcoming meetings near you!

Breastfeeding Community of Practice: The BCoP is a volunteer network of individuals who support breastfeeding in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia. There’s usually many projects on the go. Check it out!

Nurturing Touch: Kylie Field is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She’s wonderful at dealing with both simple and complex breastfeeding issues! 

Kelly Mom: Great online resource for breastfeeding questions!



Check often! Updates are always just around the corner!