Birth Support

“She believed she could, so she did.” R.S. Grey

Limited availability for September, October and November. Act quickly!

You may not believe it, but at Beatha, we know that deep down inside, every birthing person knows how to bring their baby(ies) into the world. Call it a “feeling”, your gut or intuition, your self-awareness, your ability to trust or your strength to surrender; it’s there in you. My goal is to help you connect with it, delve deep in it and embrace it.

For some that may mean a natural homebirth; for others, the best decision for them will be to have a repeat caesarean birth. No matter what it looks like, I will be there with you, supporting you and helping you as you navigate becoming a parent, for the first, second or ninth time!

So what does my Basic Birth Support look like?

Unlimited Support

From the time you book me, I am are available via text, email and phone to answer your questions and share my resources.

On-Call Support

I am on-call for your baby’s birthday starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy and am ready to come to you at a drop of the hat!

Prenatal Visits

I make it my mission to get to know you and your family in order to better serve you on the big day!

Postpartum Visits

I am there to help you transition into your new role, whether you require help with infant feeding, food in your belly, some light housekeeping or simply some rest, I am there to make it easier!

Automatic Backup

I like to take precautions just in case the plague hits my house.

Compassion, experience and your peace of mind are also included in my Basic Birth Support. Rates start at $1000.

I have many custom packages, payment plans and payment options available!

Ready to find out if we’re a good fit? Get in touch with me!