Hi there! I’m Renée.

I’m the founder of Beatha Family Wellness! I have been supporting wonderful people through pregnancy, labour and early postpartum life for over a decade. I have been honoured to assist families of all shapes, creeds and sizes as they take (or re-take) the incredibly, sometimes intimidating, journey into parenthood. As a Registered Massage Therapist, educator, doula, mother of six, a nurturer, and a woman with a deep respect for other’s lived experience, I bring the warmth, comfort, compassion and support that most women and families in transition need during this time in their life.

Creative, curious and always on the go, when not serving families, I can usually be found carting my children to their myriad activities or with my nose in several books at a time!

A few Fun Facts!

  •  I have a 2nd Dan (2nd degree) black belt in TaeKwonDo. Thankfully, I have yet to need it while supporting families. (haha!)
  • I’m from Moncton (New Brunswick), met my Nova Scotian husband in Mexico, and lived in Ottawa/Gatineau before moving back out East – our home!
  • I LOVE dancing in the rain – or at least I did until I tried to share this childhood joy with my kids and they all looked at me like I had gone mad!
  • I enjoy warm coffee and dark chocolate – though I usually get to the former when it’s cold and have to hide to indulge in the latter.
  • I grew up as an only child (I met my two sisters when I was 18 years old), but my husband comes from a family of eight (8) kids.
  • My favourite ice cream flavour is Wild Blueberry Crumble – though I haven’t found it in years! (please send me an email if you manage to find it)

My vision

For parents to be actively supported as they conceive (not the exact moment!), birth and raise a generation of happy and independent children while having a balanced, fun and fulfilling family life in alignment with their values.


My mission

You deserve support to be the most awesome parent you can be! My mission is to provide support and education so that you can tackle whatever parenthood throws at you – from preconception to your preteen rolling their eyes at you!

We are committed to respecting parents’ philosophies, wishes and desires when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Our motto, “Your body. Your family. Your wisdom. Our support,” is what guides us in better serving you.


So what’s in a name?

Life happens when we are not looking. It’s in the sweat, the tears, the tantrums and the breakdowns. It’s in surprises, laughter, and moments of glee. It’s in the excitement and the mundane, the shear exhaustion and bursts of energy. It’s in the breaths and the silences between. At Beatha Family Wellness, we are there with you for it all.

“Beatha” is a femine noun in Irish Gaelic that means life, existence and sustenance. Beatha Family Wellness is concerned with just that, accompanying families on their life journeys, supporting them towards a full, happy and healthy family life.